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Poetic offerings from a wide awake woman.


daring adventurer
dancing the flames
of my own undoing
dancing the flames
of my own resurrection

in to

what awaits me?
that which is behind me
i no longer need

you thought i was further along…
i thought i was catching up
i was catching fire

burning alive
by my own virtue
burning alive
from my own passion

from ashes i rise

The Goddess of Loring Park

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i met a goddess the other day
as i was walking
in Loring Park
she caught me quite by surprise
i couldn’t quite place who she was
(at first)
standing there,
by the pond
arms reached to heaven
in some sort of dance
she spoke to me
in a language i could not hear
or understand
yet felt deeply in my bones
maybe you have seen her
met her
talked to her, too
if not…
if you like
i can take you to the place
where Freya lives
as a tree
in Loring Park


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Gate 6

I lay this heartache
on the bare-bones altar
of all my dreams

I scream in vain
A question echoing through
the empty walls of my heart

No one will answer…..

No one can.

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Like a Weed

I hope the seed I am
grows like a weed:

Without any reverence for where I’m supposed to grow
or where it would be more convenient.

Finding the cracks and tiny spaces in everything;
spreading my particular kind of beauty
in the most unlikely places.



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My Next Bold Move

I need something familiar

some solid ground

where I can find my feet

I need something tangible

something to wrap my hands

or my head


some kind of guidepost

safe guard

security blanket

I want to stay

everything screaming to run

I want to run

everything screaming to stay

hanging on the precipice

of my next bold move


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I see you with her
so tender
so indescribably sweet

love pours from every fiber of your being
a miracle before my eyes
I ache with regret
all the way to my soul

those precious little moments break me
a million pieces
scattered in every conceivable direction
you are so in love with her

and I…

I have missed my chance to swim in the ecstacy of every coo
to marvel at each imperceptible milestone

I missed your first kiss – off chasing dragons

that’s the price I pay for being too selfish
or maybe too sick
to notice tender moments incubating miracles
the price when
from conception
a child is an inconvenience

I didn’t even know what I was missing

I do now.

my only salvation
is to feel this exquisite heartbreak
writhing between longing and ecstasy
knowing that this shattering
is that love


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Life creeps in around me

and I weep

I feel out of place


my own star, dim by comparison.

the collective looks so beautiful

there in its other world –

colors twirling, unfurling, embracing

cracks in the wall

even the ones that enclose me.

eyes down in grief,

transformative beauty before me;

the evolution that would happen

should I raise my glance

to meet its eye

aye, face down

I weep

and life creeps in around me.

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