My Next Bold Move

I need something familiar

some solid ground

where I can find my feet

I need something tangible

something to wrap my hands

or my head


some kind of guidepost

safe guard

security blanket

I want to stay

everything screaming to run

I want to run

everything screaming to stay

hanging on the precipice

of my next bold move


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8 thoughts on “My Next Bold Move”

  1. I feel the same, if you are relating this particular desire. It’s exhausting to be in this state of indecision.


  2. Amazing post! Thanks for this reminder to Live out Loud! Or, dive.
    (…Grateful to have women in my life that act as my parachute/oxygen tank.)


    1. Thank you! I’ve got to figure out how to reduce the amount of spam comments so I can see the real ones!!!! Bad blogger…bad bad 🙂


  3. Love it!!!! Exactly what I was thinking & feeling this morning❤️Bold moves are pretty scary for me…..


    1. Thanks Delores! Sorry it has taken me so long to see the comment. I am not very good at going through all the spam to find the real comments….. I’m still learning! 🙂


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