I see you with her
so tender
so indescribably sweet

love pours from every fiber of your being
a miracle before my eyes
I ache with regret
all the way to my soul

those precious little moments break me
a million pieces
scattered in every conceivable direction
you are so in love with her

and I…

I have missed my chance to swim in the ecstacy of every coo
to marvel at each imperceptible milestone

I missed your first kiss – off chasing dragons

that’s the price I pay for being too selfish
or maybe too sick
to notice tender moments incubating miracles
the price when
from conception
a child is an inconvenience

I didn’t even know what I was missing

I do now.

my only salvation
is to feel this exquisite heartbreak
writhing between longing and ecstasy
knowing that this shattering
is that love


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Life creeps in around me
and I weep

I feel out of place
my own star
dim by comparison.

the collective looks so beautiful
there in its other world
colors twirling, unfurling

cracks in the wall,
even the ones that enclose me.

eyes down in grief,
transformative beauty before me;
the evolution that would happen
should I raise my glance
to meet its eye

aye, face down
I weep
and life creeps in around me.

image credit: Shadowscapes Tarot